Voice of the Light

Ana Méndez is a well known general in the army of God. Her spiritual warfare has led to transformation of many nations because the oppression of the enemy was broken.
Emerson is director of Voice of the Light Ministries and ministers together with his wife Ana, as a prophetic teacher for the nations. He operates in the gift of healing that has grown by a lot of fasting.

As a general in the spiritual war Ana has directed a lot of very important prayers initiatives on the most dark places of the world and has confronted the spiritual powers in certain places. The most difficult attack she undertook was climbing the Mount Everest in 1997. The result was an enormous breakthrough in the 10/40 window.

Emerson Ferrell lives together with his wife Ana Méndez Ferrell in Jacksonville, Florida. They have a powerful ministry and have a lot of revelations and insight into the Kingdom of God. Emerson and Ana are both powerful warriors and lovers of God who offer their lives for the Kingdom of God.
Website: https://voiceofthelight.com/